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Geek Daddy is based out of Dixon California and is currently focusing on serving the local community as well as the neighboring cities of Vacaville, Davis, and Woodland. The initial inspiration for starting the business was to create an I.T. solution for the every day user and small business that was affordable, professional, and not just a voice on the other end of a tech line, but personable. To take it a step further Geek Daddy even offers pick up and drop off service to the local and neighboring cities.

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PC Tune Up


Virus Removal


PC Upgrades


Data Backup /Restore


Small Office Network Setup


O.S. Recovery/ Restore


Printer Setup


Website Design/ Administration


Remote Support

What Our Customers Say About Us?

  • “Jeremy was the bees knees. My computer had been slowing down for months until it eventually pooped out completely. Took it to another computer guru who couldn’t fix it; however Jeremy was a studmuffin who saved the day. Offered to pick it up. Fixed it in a timely manner. Cheaper than expected. Even cleaned the computer to make it seem brand new. Running smoother than my bald head now. Even got a rad pen out of the ordeal. Definitely recommended.”

    Appreciate the help.


    Kody Simpson

  • Jeremy Green has been helping me with my computer problems for several years now and is very proficient and efficient. Jeremy is very good at explaining things in terminology that someone like me, with limited computer skills and knowledge can understand. Most often he is able to help me help myself via telephone, email or a text message. I will not hesitate to contact him in the future when I need help and highly recommend his services to others.

    Pastor Lonnie Curtis


  • I am the Administrator of a local non-profit and our organization desperately needed to revamp all of its resource materials in order to present ourselves to the public as a legitimate, professional and capable business. I had used WIX for a period of time to create a start-up website, but the products and serves offered were limited, and I did not have the time or technical knowledge to design the site to meet all of our business needs.

    I called Jeremy and asked if he could assist us in creating something new, fresh and user-friendly. He immediately started researching the best options for a host service and scheduled a meeting with my team to find out what our organizational needs were. He explained what host sites were available that would best meet our needs and went over their capabilities in detail. Once our team made a decision which host and domain provider to use, Jeremy helped us set up both accounts and then got right to work in completely redesigning our website. A week later, he had transformed our website into something crisp, clean, eye catching and relevant to our business needs. I can call Jeremy with updates anytime they are needed and he promptly makes the changes. In our line of work, we have to catch people’s attention at first glance and this website face lift is leaving a lasting impression. I have received countless compliments on how nice the site looks! Thanks Jeremy, you just took our business to the next level!

    Tina Milliken

    Administrator, New Beginnings Outreach


  • As an avid PC Gamer, nothing is more frustrating and many times costlier than when your Gaming Machine is unknowingly infected with a virus which results in the “Blue Screen of Death.” The icing on the cake is when you take your infected computer to the local Computer Tech store only to have them tell you, after they’ve had it for over 10 days, “your machine is just not worth fixing due to the cost of what you need done, you’re better off scrapping this one off and getting yourself a new computer.” At which time he turns around and tries to sell you one if the overpriced machines in his store.

    This was my recent experience with my Gaming PC and I nearly gave up on one of my favorite pastimes and hobbies until I came across GEEK DADDY. I decided to give it one last shot and contacted Jeremy for advice. Jeremy went right to work on troubleshooting and diagnosing my computer. He explained in detail each step he was taking as well as the results he had found. After a short time, on the SAME day mind you, not only did he have my computer back up and running again, he had found and eliminated the virus that had caused the issue in the first place.

    Jeremy then went the extra steps and took the time to suggest and explain some solid measures to not only protect and keep my PC virus and malware free, but also proactive steps I could take to create, save and store a FULL system backup that would allow a full recovery of everything from my Operating System, installed programs, applications and, yes, even my installed PC Games.

    I took his advice and employed all suggestions Jeremy had made…the results have been beyond expectation! My computer now boots, runs and performs smoother than it ever has, I can trust it is kept virus free, and I also have a full backup of my entire HDD should it ever be needed.

    I have since used GEEK DADDY for all my system or program upgrades and have even upgraded my Gaming Machine with Jeremy’s suggested hardware improvements. Thanks Jeremy! I’ll be saving the world for a good while now thanks to you!

     MIKE J


  • Jeremy worked on two of our Macs and he was always very responsive and knowledgeable. He was so easy to work with that I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trustworthy and dependable source for tech services.”

    –Michelle McFarland


Get 10% OFF your next PC job by completing our quick Customer Experience Survey.

Let us know how we did by taking just a couple minutes to fill out our customer experience survey. We want to know what we do well as well as where we can improve, so we can continue growing and give you the best experience possible. Click the link to the right to begin.

Get 10% OFF your next PC job by completing our quick Customer Experience Survey.

Let us know how we did by taking just a couple minutes to fill out our customer experience survey. We want to know what we do well as well as where we can improve, so we can continue growing and give you the best experience possible. Click the link below to begin.


Geek Daddy Now Offering 4 Remote Support Plans
Choose The Plan That Fits Your Personal Or Business Needs.

Remote Support (Monthly)


1 Hour of Remote Support

$15.00/ Month

Economy Remote Support


12 Hours of Remote Support

$175.00/ Year

Premium Remote/Onsite Support


12 Hours of Remote Support

4 Hours of Onsite Support

$350.00/ Year

Ultimate Remote/Onsite Support


Unlimited Remote Support

  5 Hours of Onsite Support

$575.00/ Year